TJ vs. Todd: Reborn and Rewired

Everyone knows who TJ Duckett is, but very few know who Todd Duckett is. TJ was the football gladiator known for yards. Todd is the evolution of TJ known for service and sacrifice.

Battlefield Brawl

The Battlefield Brawl is a flag football tournament presented by New World Flood that raises money and awareness for the Oldham Project. It's not your average tournament though as it stars celebrities, profesional athletes and past Michigan State University football and basketball players.

Public Speaking

One of Todd's greatest gifts is his ability to reach people from all walks of life through the experiences of his own life. From his path through football, getting cut after 8 years in the NFL, conquering a major depression, to his unwavering dedication of service and sacrifice, Todd's speeches touches all the bases.

Beard Cutting Fundraiser

The Jacquelyn Barham Challenge is a fundraising challenge to a group of schools to raise money for The Oldham Project. For the school that raises the most money, Todd brings a group of trusted barbers and stylists to come shave heads, beards and cut hair which symbolizes strength in the face of cancer.

Inspiring our Troops

Todd spent a Saturday speaking to 200+ military men and women who serve at Kellogg Air Field in Battle Creek, MI. Duckett's emotional and inspirational story of his highs and lows in life and in football ultimately offers hope in discovering one's true purpose in life.
The Printing King

Apparel manufacturing company that prints, embroiders and gives back.

New World Flood

Our non-profit flooding the community through giving and service.

Duckett Brothers

Janitorial, safety, and tooling supplies and other industrial machinery.

Todd Duckett

Todd is the chief rainmaker who turns the team's hard work into incredible results that align with his inspiring visions of success and giving.

Ryan Doyle

Ryan is our marketing guru who is continuously molding our website, video production, photography, social media strategy and overall branding.